Private class Adobe Lightroom

Do you feel that there is something missing from your pictures that would make all the difference? Do you feel they lack contrast, color or details?

If the answer is yes, maybe it's time to learn how to develop your pictures with Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is a software that is essential for any photographer. It is the digital equivalent of the darkroom. Mastering the contrasts, colors and sharpness are all essential steps to create a beautiful image. Knowing how to use these techniques will allow you to enhance your images and develop your own photographic style.

To help you learn and master Lightroom, I offer private lessons. These courses are intended primarily for beginners, but are also suitable for seasoned users. In order to tailor to your specific needs, we will adapt the difficulty of the course according to your knowledge of the software.

During a class, we will discuss the following points:

  • The catalog function

  • General settings,

  • Localized settings (graduated and radial filters)

  • Colorimetry (HSL tool),

  • Contrasts,

  • Lense corrections

  • Sharpness and noise reduction

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Minimum 2 hours

75 euros



125 euros

At home

I travel for free within a radius of 10 kilometers around Ottignies. Beyond, a fee will be asked depending on the distance


You have the option of taking a Skype class via screensharing. At your request, each class will be recorded in HD video so you have the opportunity to watch it later.

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